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Mission Statement

“We support the creation of modern and innovative economy by carrying out secure and reliable electronic exchange of information, including information pertaining to interbank clearings”

Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. develops and markets innovative solutions pertaining to the exchange of electronic information. Such solutions have a significant influence on shaping and developing Polish e-economy. Products and services offered by KIR S.A. are targeted at banks and financial institutions, enterpreneurs, public administration, as well as at e-commerce operators and their clients.

The strategic priority of KIR S.A. consists in providing top-quality secure clearing services. Such services are carried out within the framework of the following two systems: ELIXIR® (for domestic payments), and EuroELIXIR (for domestic and cross-border payments in Euro). By adapting the EuroELIXIR system so that it can handle SEPA Credit Transfer instruments, KIR S.A. has enabled banks participating in the Polish payment system to use pan-European payment instruments in a unified standard, within the framework of the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA).

As a result KIR S.A. is now a part of the integrated European clearing and settlement infrastructure. Currently KIR S.A. is carrying out advanced works relative to introducing Express ELIXIR – a system which enables clearing immediate payments. This solution will enable making payments in real time, within just a couple of seconds. It is available 24x7x365 and it's offered to banks and their clients from June 2012.

In order to streamline the exchange of information relative to clearings between banks that participate in the ELIXIR® and EuroELIXIR system and entities cooperating with such banks, KIR S.A. has implemented and is systematically extending the functionalities of its OGNIVO service. OGNIVO streamlines the time-consuming process of handling queries and complaints in banks. Its more advanced modules streamline and extend the scope of information exchange carried out between additional participants of the system. OGNIVO is available through Internet channels and has already been implemented by 52 banks, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Poczta Polska, a large number of court enforcement officers and business.

KIR S.A. is an accredited partner of SWIFT in Poland. SWIFT-related services provided by KIR S.A. include intermediation in electronic transfer of messages to the SWIFTNet network carried out using KIR’s own IT infrastructure (where KIR S.A. acts as a SWIFT Service Bureau) and provision of technical support relative to access infrastructure to SWIFT users in Poland.

KIR S.A. also offers certain payment-support services. It has been the first company in Poland and one of the first in Europe to offer digital signature services. As a result Polish banks have been able to benefit from digital signature since 1994. In 2003 KIR S.A. was appointed a qualified certification entity providing certification services relative it issuing qualified certificates and time markers. Currently KIR S.A. is one of the leading players on the qualified certificates market.

KIR S.A. has been actively involved in streamlining electronic payments. It was the first entity in Poland to launch the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment service (EBPP), available through electronic banking channels. It has implemented this service under its own brand - invoobill (formerly Bilix). Invoobill is currently available to over 95% of electronic banking clients in Poland. A number of mass service providers have already decided to offer this service to their clients. They include energy providers, insurance companies, a satellite TV provider, and one of higher education institutions in Warsaw. Invoobill is implemented by two leading mobile telephone operators.

PayByNet is yet another service offered by KIR S.A. It is a system of direct, secure and guaranteed Internet payments aimed specifically at e-commerce operators and at the public sector. PayByNet has already been integrated with the Electronic Public Administration Service Platform (ePUAP). It is the first system which enables e-government clients to pay administrative fees through electronic banking channels and to obtain Electronic Payment Confirmations.

KIR S.A. has also been systematically developing its services pertaining to electronic archivisation of documents in paper and electronic format. As regards the eArchiwum system, KIR S.A. has completed works relative to the implementation of solutions which make it possible to integrate it with external workflow management systems or IT resources management. The modified version of the system offers a possibility to integrate and use various functionalities of other products provided by KIR S.A. and therefore to extend the scope of its offer to include solutions providing comprehensive services relative to handling electronic and paper invoices, including e-invoices.

We connect e-business by implementing and making available modern solutions related to clearing services, electronic exchange of information, digital signature, Internet payments, and electronic archiving of paper-format and electronic documents, as well as by encouraging our Partners and Clients to adopt such solutions.


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