Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa

About us

We are an institution of the Polish banking sector infrastructure, which playing the key role in the area of interbank clearings, is responsible for their secure and proper operation as well as for a reliable electronic exchange of information.

Our mission is to provide secure and innovative services in the area of clearing procedures.

Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S.A. was established in 1992 on the initiative of ZwińÖzek Banków Polskich (The Polish Bank Association), 16 biggest banks and Narodowy Bank Polski (National Bank of Poland). Our priority is to provide top-quality secure clearing services as well as to support the creation of modern and innovative economy. Our clearing services are carried out by means of professional, electronic clearing systems:
  • ELIXIR®  - a system of interbank clearings in Polish zloty (PLN), which has enabled an efficient and secure execution of credit and direct debit payments since 1994. This is one of the fastest clearing systems in Europe. The system is crucial for the smooth functioning of the Polish banking sector. There are three clearing sessions in the ELIXIR® system each business day, which enables clients to transfer cash between accounts in different banks within just a few hours. In 2013 ELIXIR® processed over 1.5 billion transactions of the total value of PLN 3.8 trillion, which sets KIR S.A. among the biggest clearing houses in Europe.
  • EuroELIXIR – a system of interbank clearings in Euro, which allows for clearing both domestic and cross-border payments. It is fully adjusted to the EU standards and operates within the integrated infrastructure of the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA). EuroELIXIR enables to execute the payment in Euro on the same day regardless of the fact if it is domestic or cross-border payment. In 2013 EuroELIXIR processed 12.6 million transactions of the total value of EUR 71 billion.
  • Express ELIXIR – the first in Poland and the second in Europe instant payment clearing system. It enables the execution of interbank money transfers in a few seconds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Express ELIXIR is currently available for the clients of eight banks and work to implement it is taking place or is being planned in fifteen other banks. In 2013 Express ELIXIR was recognized as "Leader of Innovation 2012" in the competition for the Global Banking Leaders.

In addition to providing clearing systems for banks, KIR S.A. offers services helping various financial institutions exchange information more effectively and smoothly. For this purpose we have launched the service called OGNIVO. This solution is currently used by banks, the headquarters and branches of ZUS (the Social Insurance Institution), Poczta Polska, Tax Office, Customs Offices, Municipal Offices and court enforcement officers. OGNIVO enables quick and secure exchange of information, which used to be conducted in writing. Thanks to OGNIVO it is possible to exchange queries to banks concerning the existence of accounts, the transfer of client’s accounts between banks as well as to handle the consents and revokings of direct debits.

We are an accredited partner of SWIFT in Poland. Using our own ICT infrastructure, we provide banks and such institutions as clearing houses, stock exchanges, pension funds, depositaries and brokerage houses with access to the global network SWIFTNet, which enables to handle international financial operations. As SWIFT Service Bureau we also offer technical assistance in access infrastructure of the users of SWIFT in Poland. SWIFT currently includes 10 thousand units of the financial market from over 200 countries and processes 20 million operations every day.

With a view to support e-commerce and to develop e-services in the public sector we have devised PayByNet – a system of guaranteed, direct and rapid internet payments. It is the first such a solution in Poland, allowing for making payments for e-shopping directly between a client of a bank and a recipient – an internet shop or e-office. The system is integrated with the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP).

In addition to clearing services, which are our primary area of activity, we also offer the following services:
  • Digital Signature SZAFIR – which we offered in 1994 as the first provider in Poland and one of the first in Europe. KIR S.A. is one of the leading qualified units providing certification services in the area of issuing qualified certificates and time stamps,
  • streamlined documentation management, which includes:
    • invoobill – the first on the Polish market service of electronic presentation of bills and payments (EBPP), which is based on the internet banking channels. The service enables to transfer bills and invoices from the service providers directly to the client’s internet account, from which the payment is made. Currently invoobill is available to over 95% of the users of Polish internet banking.
    • invooclip – a service addressed to clients who issue electronic invoices regularly. It allows for a secure online access to the stored electronic invoices and other electronic documents for 6 years (both for the invoice issuer and invoice recipient), quick searching, distribution with the acknowledgement of receipt or signing documents with a secure or electronic signature as well as paying electronic invoices by means of the PayByNet system of internet payments.
    • the service of eArchiwum – solutions allowing for large-scale scanning, archivisation and managing of documents both in paper and in electronic format. The service is addressed to all companies, regardless of their size, organizational structure and the types of documents used. It allows for handling and managing such documentation as financial, logistic, human resources and payroll, incoming and outgoing correspondence, etc.

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